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Gloss Spray + Gel Plate

I couldn't resist showing off one more card made from the things I learned in Dina Wakley's awesome "Focus on Gloss Sprays" class. This one was made using Gloss Sprays on my 6" Gel Plate, with Michelle Ward's beautiful NYC Skyline Stencils and Masks, exclusive to The Ink Pad. But first here are a few of the more panels I made in class, some using Michelle's Hexagon, Large Hex and Manhole Cover Stencils; others which are a bit more abstract, which we made by pouring, scraping and dripping gloss spray directly on to the paper. In addition to Dina's Gloss Sprays in Night, Eggplant and Fuchsia, I also used Dina Wakley MEdia Acrylic Paint in Lime and White; plus...

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More Reasons to Love Dina

Of course we already adore the irrepressible Dina Wakley; at The Ink Pad we are big-time, lifelong fans! Having said that, I've just taken her awesome "Focus on Gloss Sprays" class via FaceBook Live and I'm kinda hooked on those now! Technically the first twelve colors arrived at TIP in March, just before NYC mandated the temporary closure of most brick and mortar businesses. So we didn't have a lot of time to play with them, but in a way I'm glad to have "saved up" this little creative treat. The first thing you notice about Glossy Sprays is that (surprise!) they are GLOSSY!!! Which is...

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Flowers, Everywhere

One of the best and most convenient forms that beautiful blooms can take, from a cardmaker's perspective, is to be made into stickers, like these Vintage Flower Stickers from The Ink Pad: These sets are exclusive to The Ink Pad and each one is different, but there are about two dozen sturdy, opaque stickers in each pack. Here's the selection that happened to be in the set I used, minus the ones I used, above:       For these cards, I paired the flower stickers with this very cool MT Die Cut Letters Tape, that I'm entirely smitten with: I used dictionary paper...

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Brush Up Your Handlettering

One of the keys to improving your hand-lettering is, of course, practice; there's no getting around that fact. But... it's also extremely helpful to have good tools! And for brush lettering, that means high quality pens like these Karin Brushmaker Pros from The Ink Pad. By the way, they're also great for coloring.       The newest set of Karin colors are these gloriously bold NEON Shades, which really scream summer to me. They come in a set of twelve very useful, spectrum-spanning colors and have all the intensity you want, as well as Karin's superb brush and super-juicy ink.     Karin...

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We (heart) Dina Wakley

Over the years, The Ink Pad has been privileged to host in-person classes with creative, inspirational artists from around the world and one of our all-time favorite teachers is Dina Wakley. We're looking forward to the day when we can resume such "real life" events, but in the meantime, we've been loving her online demos and classes via FaceBook. I (Lauren) got to take her "Focus on Scribble Sticks" class last weekend and cannot say enough good things about it. Not only does Dina have an amazing and unique talent for making art; she's also an excellent teacher who can explain what she's doing, encourage...

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