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Stencil Sunday: Hello from New York

Here's a card that really, realllllly should have "in process" photos, but sadly, does not. So I will try to explain how I used Michelle Ward's Manhole Cover Stencil and Masks and Manhole Covers II from The Ink Pad, along with my Gel Plate, in a way that I hope makes sense, so please bear with me! There are actually three layers of gel prints using the same set of stencils, and the same palette of green, blue and purple Golden Acrylic paints. One version was printed on deli paper, one on text paper and one on regular white cardstock. First I affixed the printed deli paper to white cardstock with my...

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Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York Autumn means different things to different people, but for those of us who grew up in the northeastern United States, I think the beautiful foliage has to be pretty high on the list of fall delights.  I was excited the last time I was at The Ink Pad to see a whole section of Eyelet Outlet Brads, and I confess it was the Leaf Brads that inspired my card. The packs each have several shapes and colors, including some Beech leaves that are a beautiful bright green... which... in this case, didn't quite work for me....

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Stencil Sunday: Up the (Stenciled) Garden Path

I hope no one ever asks me to choose my *favorite* stencil from the line Michelle Ward designed exclusively for The Ink Pad, because honestly... it's impossible! They're all beautiful and so useful! And whereas they all have a cool New York-inspired vibe, you can use them for just about anything, including a very zen garden, like this one: I built a background of collaged "found" papers including some sheet music and a latitude chart from an old atlas. Coccoina Gluestick is wonderful on fragile vintage paper, and smells a bit like marzipan. I used a few shades of Ranger Archival ink, including Shadow Grey and Watering Can to stencil...

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Stencil Sunday: So Nice They Named It Twice

Stencil Sunday: So Nice They Named It Twice New York, New York, that is! Home of The Ink Pad where you will find many amazing treasures, including a whole line of exclusive stamps and stencils designed by Michelle Ward. The The Downtown NYC Map Stencil is one of my favorites, and makes a terrific background, as you can see! The mark of a really great stencil is that you don't need to do much to it all! In this case, I made a little collage of vintage paper --sheet music, a time table and a page from an old guide book-- and used various Ranger...

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Title: Stencil Sunday: A Cut Above

Here's a slightly different technique with stencils, which I think is pretty cool. Instead of using them to add paint or ink, why not use them as a template to selectively subtract part of your background paper? That's what I've done here with Michelle Ward's Hash Pattern Stencil from The Ink Pad. Recently I've been having fun using my punches and dies to create negative space, but this is the first time I've used a stencil that way. It won't be the last though, I can tell you that! To create the Hash Pattern on this card, I just traced the larger scale of the pattern with a pencil...

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