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Shining Stars

Tonic 6 x 6 Card Packs are a great value and a fabulous resource! Each of the five beautiful colorways contains twenty-four sheets of sturdy cardstock; that's six sheets each of four different, perfectly coordinated specialty cardstocks, including textured, glossy, metallic and glitter varieties. I've used the Green Valley and Silver Service Packs to make quilt-inspired cards.
I started by cutting lots of strips into as many different widths as possible, from about 1/8" to nearly 3/4" taking care to make sure they were all straight and parallel. I've arranged mine fairly randomly in chevron-like patterns; but you could do simple stripes, or get really fancy... try Googling "Strip Quilt Patterns" and you'll be spoilt for choice!
You can of course apply adhesive to all of the strips, but it's considerably faster and less stressful to put the adhesive on your plain white cardstock base and adhere all of the strips to that. Stick-It Adhesive Sheets from Ken Oliver Crafts are an ideal product for this! For my patterns, I like to start with one of the thickest strips to divide my square diagonally at not quiiiiite the center point. Then I placed a few more wide strips perpendicular to that divide, from which I could work in several directions for a more dynamic pattern. The most important part of this process is to place each strip neatly, without leaving any gaps showing.
When my patterns were complete, I trimmed them into neat squares and mounted them on plain white cards. Since there is so much texture and interest in the backgrounds, I chose simple star shapes, cut from the scraps leftover, to serve as focal points.
In addition to Silver Service and Green Valley, you can also find Tonic 6x6 Card Packs in Ruby Romance, Gold Heart and Precious Pearl in stock at The Ink Pad!
comes from a family of quilters!

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