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Stencil Sunday: So Nice They Named It Twice

Stencil Sunday: So Nice They Named It Twice
New York, New York, that is! Home of The Ink Pad where you will find many amazing treasures, including a whole line of exclusive stamps and stencils designed by Michelle Ward. The The Downtown NYC Map Stencil is one of my favorites, and makes a terrific background, as you can see!
The mark of a really great stencil is that you don't need to do much to it all! In this case, I made a little collage of vintage paper --sheet music, a time table and a page from an old guide book-- and used various Ranger Distress and Archival Inks to add color to the grid: blues for the East River, yellow for FDR Drive and a blend of several greens for the blocks themselves.
On top of my background, I added some miscellaneous NYC themed stickers, and a few Eyelet Outlet Brads; but Michelle Ward's exclusive stamps would work perfectly in this context; and many of her designs are available as both unmounted or woodblock. I'm specifically thinking of the Building Stamp, Taxi and Statue of Liberty. But the great thing about collage is how flexible it is: you could swap these elements for your favorite Ink Pad stamp or sticker purchase; even souvenirs or photos from your own NYC adventure!
The Ink Pad is located in beautiful Greenwich Village, at 37 Seventh Avenue (the corner of 13th Street) but the Ink Pad Online Store is only a click away! ♥
lives one commuter train ride and one 
short subway hop away from The Ink Pad!

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  • SmilynStef on

    As always you totally rock the collage.

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