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Stop by the Shop on Saturday, July 27th from 1PM to 4PM for a Demo with Andy Sim!

Andy will be showing you how he journals in a Traveller's Notebook. He uses it as an escape for the digital word that we live in today!

Living in New York City is fun, but sometimes it can be both a little overwhelming, and stressful. Andy firmly believes that expressive arts therapy is a highly effective way to decompress, and since having discovered the Traveler’s Notebook about two years ago, he’s considered it “his little piece of heaven.”

A creative through and through, Andy started scrapbooking at 15— mostly using what to him were important mementos (candy wrappers, ticket stubs, photomaton strips, stickers) and mounting them on old photo albums. Fast forward to a few years later, and after years of working as a digital artist, Andy has rediscovered his love for analogue, and rubber stamps.

“When I used to live in Williamsburg, I’d always just hop on the L train, get off at 8th Avenue, and just walk around,” Andy recalls. “I remember stumbling upon The Ink Pad thinking how much I missed my old rubber stamp collection. I wanted to restart, but I was limited on space at my old apartment. I’d always walk by it, thinking one day, I’d start collecting stamps again. And true enough, I started coming to the Ink Pad to actually start buying rubber stamps again. It’s my happy place in this city.”

“I felt that I need to do something that will allow me to cut and paste again, and I’m not talking on the computer,” he continues. “I do that for nine hours of everyday that I don’t want to have to do it on my spare time. We live in such a digital age but I’m so grateful I discovered the Traveler’s Notebook because now, it allows me to ‘disconnect’ from the world, if only for a few hours.”

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