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Would you believe we've added even more "must-have" pens to The Ink Pad's already impressive selection? Well, it's true, and I even made a little book to celebrate that fact.
Does one actually NEED a little book with examples of all their pens in it? I suppose the answer to that depends on the pen owner! But my first reaction with any new pen is to try it out, so why not do that in one specific place? 
For open-stock pens, I find it quite handy to have a record of which colors I own; and also to see what those colors look like on various types of paper. In the case of pens which come in a variety of nibs, it's nice to see the type of line they make. This particular little book (which is just a couple of decorated chipboard covers held together with a bookring!) will live at The Ink Pad so customers can see examples of all our different lettering, writing and coloring pens. Each sample has the pertinent info on the back, as well, so it's easy to figure out which is which.
The new pens in the book... and in the store... are Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens Sepia Four Pack which includes the most popular nibs in the Pitt line: Superfine, Fine, Medium and Brush; in a beautifully dark Sepia ink, which totally reminds me of henna. Fabulous to have a set of good drawing pens that aren't the usual black, though we do have this set in black, too and I use it constantly!
Did you know that Posca makes their awesome paint pens in a Brush Style as well? How exciting is that for doing signs and white boards! But as a matter of fact, they look pretty great on paper too. They are open stock and we have TEN glorious colors.
Fairly often, the cute pens, the inexpensive pens, and the pens that work really well are three different pens. But these Tinou Glitter Markers are priced at $8.95 for a set of four; are the prettiest thing imaginable; and lay down a nice solid line of glittery, sparkly goodness that is flat enough to go over with other pens or media. The colors are less vivid on a black background, but the sparkle is even more intensified!
Whether you draw, handletter, do mixed media, or just like a nice pen to write letters, notes and shopping lists... The Ink Pad is here for you with a pen for almost any occasion! ♥
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