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Prize Ribbon *IS* a Winner!

Of course ANY new Ranger Distress color is a cause for celebration, but the newest shade, Prize Ribbon, is a deep, vibrant blue that blends exceptionally well with many other colors from the line. When I get a new Distress Oxide, the first thing I do is make a bunch of ATC-sized panels and experiment with lots of different blends. I highly recommend this sort of experimental play for devising interesting pairings. Be sure to make note of the colors on the back of your ATCs as you work, so you can easily recreate your faves!   As you'd expect,...

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Deckle-Edge Paper Weaving

Tim Holtz's Deckle Torn Edge Trimmer has sold out every time we've had it in stock at The Ink Pad, so of course I had to try one for myself. In the course of using it to make larger cuts, I became fascinated by the narrow deckle-edged off-cut strips, which I thought would be very cool woven together!    I cut a bunch of 1/4" deckle strips of kraft cardstock and some 3/8" strips of darker tan. I also used my regular guillotine cutter to make some super-skinny strips of Rinea gold metallic paper to highlight a few of the...

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Caffeine and Sarcasm

It's not that often a sentiment stamp makes me literally laugh out loud, but Technique Junkies' "Prison Orange" Cling Stamp definitely did, so I couldn't wait to pair it with my Eyelet Outlet Coffee Brads for snarky card perfection: I put Hickory Smoke Distress Ink through the smaller side of Michelle Ward's Hex Pattern Stencil, then outlined with a Sepia Pitt Pen. I traced one of the hexagons from the larger side of the same stencil to use as a home for my coffee cup and coffee bean; then I stamped the sentiment in Vintage Photo Distress Ink and traced...

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Seal of Approval

My love affair with sealing wax continues! This time I'm playing with Elegant Icon XL Brass Wax Seals in Rose, Fleur de Lis, Cherub and Teapot designs from The Ink Pad. I've made a bunch of sweet vintage style tags to show them off. This style of seal makes a square impression, which frankly took me a few tries to get right; but once I realized that the crucial factor is *centering* the seal on the puddle of wax, I was good to go! I really like using Glue Gun Sealing Wax, and these tags we made with Freund Mayer's...

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On the Grid

The Ink Pad's exclusive line of NYC-themed stamps and stencils, designed by Michelle Ward, is a constant source of inspiration. This card features Michelle's beautiful Downtown Map Stamp against a grid of Manhole Covers.   The card makes use of both the Manhole Hex and the Manhole NYC sets, each of which contains three different 2" round manhole stamps and two very useful 3.75 x 2.75" stamps which are patterns inspired by the various manhole covers that can be seen around Manhattan. There's also a Mini Manhole set which has 1" versions of all six manhole covers, plus two fun...

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