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Title: Stencil Sunday: A Cut Above

Here's a slightly different technique with stencils, which I think is pretty cool. Instead of using them to add paint or ink, why not use them as a template to selectively subtract part of your background paper? That's what I've done here with Michelle Ward's Hash Pattern Stencil from The Ink Pad. Recently I've been having fun using my punches and dies to create negative space, but this is the first time I've used a stencil that way. It won't be the last though, I can tell you that! To create the Hash Pattern on this card, I just traced the larger scale of the pattern with a pencil...

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Stencil Sunday: On the Town!

The Ink Pad celebrated its 21st STAMP-iversary this week, so here's a suitably dressed up card to celebrate, featuring Michelle Ward's NYC Tourist Stencil.     You can see that I moved the stencil around a bunch of times, to make the words into a multi-directional pattern, as a background for my well-dressed lady, who is from a vintage fashion book. I used about five different shades of blue and purple Archival Ink on top of a piece of copy paper which was my brayer-cleaner the last time I gel printed. (It was too pretty to throw away!)     The stars are...

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NEW Series! Stencil Sundays!

Sunset Skyline Card Did you know that The Ink Pad has a whole line of exclusive NYC-themed stencils and rubber stamps designed by Michelle Ward? They're available in both the online store and the NYC location. For this card, I, Lauren, have used the NYC Skyline Stencil and Masks.   I love that this set has the positive and negative images of two different 7.5" wide sections of skyline. In this case, I only used the stencils, but as you can see, I used both sections, a bunch of times each. I started near the top, and each time I moved the stencil, I changed to a different sunset-shade of...

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Trish McKinney Classes at The Ink Pad!

I am a Teacher - passionate to inspire and connect everyone to the creator within themselves. I am a Painter - constantly curious and experimental, thinking outside the box, and always asking  "what if". I am a Dreamer - who steps into my dreams and makes them a reality. I am a Believer - living my life expectantly and abundantly - thinking "as if" it has already happened. I am an Artist. -Trish McKinney Trish McKinney is a talented artist that has participated in numerous exhibitions across the country. She is an accomplished teacher and loves to share her passion...

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Stop by the Shop on Saturday, July 27th from 1PM to 4PM for a Demo with Andy Sim!

Andy will be showing you how he journals in a Traveller's Notebook. He uses it as an escape for the digital word that we live in today! Living in New York City is fun, but sometimes it can be both a little overwhelming, and stressful. Andy firmly believes that expressive arts therapy is a highly effective way to decompress, and since having discovered the Traveler’s Notebook about two years ago, he’s considered it “his little piece of heaven.”A creative through and through, Andy started scrapbooking at 15— mostly using what to him were important mementos (candy wrappers, ticket stubs, photomaton...

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